Stay Fun, stay Hungry!!

Kitchen of Mamma is a special place where you can meet people from all over the world, cook all together and learn Italian cooking secrets!

We have every Wednesday and Friday our traditional Italian Cooking Lessons and now also on Sundays with a special touch!

Wednesdays and Fridays:


Rome is famous for its popular open-air markets where it is possible to find fresh seasonal ingredients and live the real experience. You will visit Nomentano Market with our Chef, walk among the stands, look at the beautiful colors and smell the delicious fragrance of the ingredients you will use in our class.


Now we offer our famous cooking class with a more traditional experience. On Sundays, cooking classes come with a short tour to the Campagna Market near Circo Massimo, so you can experience the cooking like romans traditionally do: a “passeggiata” (walk) to see the stunning Circo Massimo and Palatino, to then arrive to the market and buy some fresh italian ingredients for your cooking class in our well equipped kitchen at the YellowSquare.

Cooking Lesson

Back from the market, we’ll get to work and learn how to make homemade pasta with the help of our Chef!


Finally, the food prepared during the class is served for a leisurely lunch, accompanied by a different local wine for each dish.

The price include: the market tour and the cooking lesson.

Tools and ingredients are on us, all you need to bring is your enthusiasm and the desire to challenge yourself!



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